Yet another creation of New Haven’s (?) most debated street artist, Believe in People, has been spotted in downtown. The graffito, located in the parking lot between Partners Cafe and 353 Crown (yet another Yale University property), takes up the entirety of a whitewashed brick wall.

Anne Frank, holocaust victim and writer, is depicted in an unassuming, black-and-white, design in the artist’s trademark stenciling. Believe in People manipulates the wall to his advantage, using black on its white background to spotlight the stunning figure. Believe in People’s signature is at the top-right corner of the graffito.

From his portrayal of a visionary young boy at Mory’s in October, to his work on the Skull and Bones’ tomb in November, the artist attempts to create conspicuous, eye-catching and noticeable yet socially conscious art. This latest endeavor however begs the question; what is Believe in People trying to prove?