John Song
Song: Going steady or ridin’ solo? Counterpoint

OMG. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to bust out the annual to-do list again: gotta stock up on chick flicks, ice […]

Song: Yale’s gotta win, right?

It’s that time of the year again ladies and gentlemen: The Game. And not just any Game, kids, it’s my final Game. That’s right, four […]

Song: In Tebow I trust

Tim Tebow. Those two words have created more contentious viewpoints than Meatless Monday. With the NFL draft tonight, no man has generated more vitriol, worship, […]

Song: Madness was mediocre

I’m glad Duke won the NCAA Tournament. Before you fire up the iPad to spam me for my false idol worship, let me put my […]

Song: A guide to being a fan

Dear Toronto Raptors: I QUIT. That’s how my letter to the Toronto Raptors went after they went 0–4 on a West Coast road trip and […]

Song: A proud Canadian (kind of)

I love curling. I love skeleton. I love ice dancing. There, I said it. I love obscure Olympic sports. I love all the wacky curling […]

Song: Risky decisions, different results

Who dat say dey gunna beat dem Saints? For all of you living under Snooki’s poof for the past week, a little football game went […]

Song: We all hope for a turnaround

Why root for a team that sucks? You can ask this question to any present-day St. Louis Rams fan, New Jersey Nets fan or NBC […]

Song: Won’t happen in 2010

Man, I’m really happy that 2009 is over. When Jan. 1 rolled around a year ago, my dad made his yearly ritual of checking his […]

Song: Williams’ call wasn’t a bad one

It wasn’t a bad call. No, I’m not crazy (even though I did watch a marathon of “The Hills” over Thanksgiving break). In any other […]

Song: Why Harvard sucks

Harvard sucks. In an informal poll of 3.5 people (one of the ladies polled was pregnant), 100 percent of people overwhelmingly agreed with that assessment. […]