Song: Consider other ‘games’

For the first time in a long time, the campus has been swept up in a frenzy of activity and anticipation. No, it’s not the long-awaited swine flu vaccine. It’s The Game 2009. We can safely say that no sporting event not involving Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson has made more people who didn’t care […]

Song: Packers fans still love Favre

What does betrayal feel like? Just ask the entire state of Wisconsin. I don’t want to be the 746,123,582,783th person to weigh in on this, but after watching Brett Favre’s first and (hopefully, though probably not) last return to Green Bay since giving the finger to the people of the Cheese State, I feel compelled […]

Song: Avoid the trap, fans

A fortune cookie once told me: “Appreciate the small things in life.” It then gave me the lotto numbers and the Chinese word for dog, gou. But that’s not what today’s column is about. It’s one of the most clichéd phrases in the “stop and smell the roses” line of overused, carpe diem, wannabe inspirational […]

Song: Desertion, in a sports context

Desertion. Webster’s dictionary and “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare” both define it as “the abandonment of a duty or post.” Why is that pertinent to the discussion today? Because I have had enough of it. In the sports context. Now I know whawt you’re thinking. “Oh John Song, are you just gonna stick the […]

Song: A Yale fan’s sports guilt

Last Saturday, I experienced one of the five worst feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. No, my dog didn’t die. No, my girlfriend didn’t break up with me. No, I didn’t just realize that I don’t actually have a girlfriend. No, my friends, what I felt was significantly worse than that. I felt sports […]

Song: A great Friday night

Ah, the joys of fall — you’re back in school (and more importantly, you’re away from the old ball-and-chain parents), your room isn’t a complete pigsty (yet), and you just spied the cute, intelligent and single (learned through copious amounts of Facebook stalking) member of the opposite sex in your section. Things are looking up. […]

W. SOCCER | Games will test Elis’ for first time

An entire offseason of work and preparation is finally about to be put to the test with the start of the 2009 season for the Yale women’s soccer team. The Bulldogs will begin their home and season opener against Wagner on Friday before taking on Hofstra on Sunday. “I am really looking forward to this […]

W. SOCCER | High expectations on the soccer field

With a new year comes a new set of challenges and a new set of opportunities. The Yale women’s soccer team finished at a disappointing sixth in the Ivy League with an 8-7-2 mark overall in 2008. It was a frustrating season where five of the Elis’ seven losses came by just one goal. It […]

W. LACROSSE | Elis seek win over longtime rival

In most of their games this season, the women’s lacrosse team has picked up its play in the second half. With eight games down and just as many remaining, the Elis will need to pick up their play in the second half of the season to get back to the top of the standings. For […]

W. BASKETBALL | Elis end season

After an injury-plagued year, the women’s basketball team will wrap up a final road trip to conclude its season this weekend. Although the Bulldogs have been mathematically eliminated from the Ivy Title, facing the current league leaders — Dartmouth and Harvard — might offer the joys of being a spoiler and inject some drama into […]

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL | Q&A: Head coach Chris Gobrecht

Women’s basketball head coach Chris Gobrecht has a reputation for turning teams around, building storied programs in the process. Gobrecht has coached at powerhouses like the University of Washington, Florida State University and the University of Southern California before taking over the Yale team in the 2005-’06 season. Under Gobrecht, the Bulldogs have steadily improved […]