Jessamyn Blau
The end of my era, but skip the Kleenex

A lot of columnists less egotistical than I have found it appropriate to leave their columns at the height of their game, or to at […]

Financial aid woes point out system’s flaws

At home in Paris three years ago, I went with my best friend to pay her tuition bill for law school. After stating her name […]

A new set of rules for the admissions game

There is no way to start a column about the college admissions process in a new, scintillating way. I could tell you about Student X […]

Gay studies shouldn’t just mean talking sex

In just a cursory look at the pages of the Blue Book, one thing jumps out at me: Yale’s History Department is having a love […]

Search for answers starts in Yale bathroom

It’s worse than senioritis or the hypochondriacal sophomore slump. It’s not every senior’s worse nightmare the real world. It’s the ambitious early applicant’s worst nightmare, […]

For Sept. 11, 2 vigils highlight divisions

What did the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks mean to you? As far as I can tell, this is a question that every American is theoretically […]

Now hiring: Koffee Too, but not grad school

After almost four years, I didn’t think President George Bush would ever do something I approved of. As it happens, however, someone — and I […]

Liberals must take new approach

Sign my petition. It’s really important, it’s a cause supported by at least several dozen — uh, several people, and please, join me tomorrow when […]

The only society I’d join: Screen and Bed

  As an ambitious freshman at Yale, I awaited April with glee, hoping that I, too, would one day get initiated into Skull and Bones, […]

University should address transgender issues

Let’s say you walk into Yale University Health Services tomorrow to, say, complain of a tummy ache. The cheerful receptionist, before making you wait for […]

Campus needs open, tolerant forum

Something strange is happening at the Yale Law School. Previously undiscovered conservatives are voicing their opinions. And, even in the exceptionally liberal atmosphere that characterizes […]