Jessamyn Blau
Provost’s Office gets two new deputies

A year of changes in the Yale Provost’s Office will come to an end this July when two new deputy provosts replace Pierre Hohenberg and […]

ACIR hears criticism of Yale’s links to Israel

At the Yale Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility’s open meeting Tuesday, four ACIR members faced student criticism about Yale’s investment policies. The ACIR members answered […]

Virtually Yale

By February, I was overcommitted as usual. In addition to my five credits and the usual list of activities, I decided to take two courses […]

Yale buys software from one of its own

A Yale professor’s invention, 10 years in the making, will soon find a home at Yale. Scopeware, a program that indexes files on users’ computers, […]

Harvard war stocks elicit concerns

Faculty at Harvard have recently raised ethical concerns about the university’s holdings in war-related stocks. But because Yale has a different disclosure policy, it is […]

Modest cuts in $1.7b budget

While next year’s budget is the largest in University history, the $1.73 billion spending package nonetheless includes modest cost-cutting measures meant to cope with the […]

Study shows drop in higher ed donations

As Yale gears up for a capital campaign, donations to higher education institutions are dropping for the first time in 15 years, a study by […]

Yale preserves balanced budget

Despite some last-second nail-biting, the University will have its seventh consecutive balanced budget in 2004, Yale Provost Susan Hockfield said Monday. The budget includes a […]

As war wanes, profs differ on points of reconstruction

Echoing Wednesday’s triumphant headlines, Yale professors overwhelmingly agreed that Operation Iraqi Freedom is nearing completion. Most professors said the main phase of the war — […]

Yale to use new eco-friendly energy cell

Yale will become the first university in the United States to get electricity from a high-efficiency fuel cell. The $1.25 million installation at the Environmental […]

Students face file sharing lawsuits

Students used to sharing music and movies with impunity may soon find themselves treading more cautiously after the Recording Industry Association of America filed lawsuits […]