Jessamyn Blau
Seminars, sections can’t replace lectures

Remember the charmingly blue view book that Yale used to seduce you by telling you that 75 percent (75 percent!) of courses enroll fewer than […]

Benefits level playing field for gays

My parents’ decision to marry was anything but romantic. They had been living together for some time when my father said he would agree to […]

MLK Day off is confusing and lacks meaning

If Friday is Monday and Monday is Sunday or some other nebulous weekend day and then there is some point in April when Monday is […]

Language education must be higher priority

When Americans learn that I speak several languages fluently, the reaction is typically one of utter surprise. On the other hand, Europeans are generally nonplussed […]

Identity group should not be confused with political views

During an inspiring Wednesday Master’s Tea about the 34 Million Friends foundation, which aspires to raise $34 million to support the United Nations Population Fund, […]

Readmission must be fair after withdrawl

With Nov.1 approaching, all around the country particularly ambitious high school seniors are scrambling to complete the thousands of applications that are flooding into the […]

Athletics injure Yale’s academic purpose

One day my freshman year, I was reading the news online and happened to mention to my friend that I was excited about the euro. […]

Suits threaten file sharers

The Recording Industry Association of America continued its crackdown on copyright infringement Monday with 261 lawsuits against Internet users accused of illegal file sharing. Yale […]

Yale shuffles labor negotiations team

Capping off a year of administrative shake-ups, Yale this summer saw several more major changes in its top ranks, including in the University’s labor-relations team. […]

As strike continues, picket lines greet freshmen

Yale freshmen received an unusual reception as they arrived on campus Friday, greeted not only by freshmen counselors and move-in crews, but also by picketing […]

Investigators scour Law School for clues following bombing

Investigators began gathering evidence at the Yale Law School Thursday to determine more about the bomb that partially destroyed two rooms in the building Wednesday, […]