James Kirchick
Allow Schiavo to die with dignity

I thought “The Passion of The Christ” came out last year. Terri Schiavo, the 41-year-old Florida woman who has been in a Persistent Vegetative State […]

Aid reform is a necessity, but protest tactics are not

Believe it or not, I agree with the ideas underpinning the Undergraduate Organizing Committee’s financial aid reform proposal. No, you did not read that incorrectly. […]

On Iraq, liberals aimed for spider hole of denial

One would expect — or at least hope — that an election in a country once tyrannized by rape rooms, poison gas attacks and aggressive […]

Calls for ‘diversity’ don’t hold up under scrutiny

Hardly a week seems to pass at Yale without some agitation group bringing up charges of grand malfeasance against the University. Exploiting the life of […]

For today’s South Africans, apartheid takes a new form

The death last week of former South African President Nelson Mandela’s only surviving son, Makgatho, to AIDS puts in stark relief the indiscriminate nature of […]

For Harvard, writing off Nazi link is a poor move

While Harvard students lament pending restrictions on their already lackluster social lives in light of the 121st Yale-Harvard bout, a controversy is brewing over a […]

Dems can rebuild by looking to forebears

President George W. Bush should not have won re-election last week. Both liberals and conservatives alike can file grievances with this administration. The president, through […]

GOP nightmare: When queer is, well, normal

Who ever thought that praising your political opponent’s daughter would get you called a “McCarthyite” and “not a good man?” Well, John Kerry, who last […]

Michael Jackson is not the right focus for LKI

With a two-day scholarly conference on Michael Jackson, Yale has taken one more step into the depths of academic nihilism. While I am hesitant to […]

At RNC, Frampton arrest is part of political theater

In case you thought that national political conventions no longer held any import, that they are puffed up, propagandistic, overly scripted acts of meaningless political […]

Civil discourse is not outmoded

Turn on your television, listen to your radio or open up a book about current events today, and you will be hard pressed to decipher […]