James Kirchick
Geraldo is a one-man show, not a journalist

Back from fighting the terrorists, Geraldo Rivera graced Yale with his presence Wednesday. Love him or hate him, Geraldo is an undeniable cultural icon, one […]

Why al Qaeda won in Madrid election

This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Lurking in a cave somewhere near the Afghan-Pakistani border, Osama bin Laden is […]

Recent initiatives to increase the University’s taxes are misguided

When all else fails, tax Yale — this seems to be the agenda of some in our community. Last Tuesday, the New Haven Board of […]

Levin appointment protests are baseless

For those at Yale who imagine themselves warriors in the perpetual and valiant struggle against the oppressor that is this University, it has been a […]

Kerry’s skates, Lieberman “Joe-mentum,” electability in the Granite State

The most exciting place on earth right now, oddly enough, is New Hampshire. For in that state today, 180,000 people may determine the next president […]

Democratic critics are delusional about implications of the Bush Doctrine

The past several weeks have stuck a thorn in the collective sides of President Bush’s foreign policy critics. On Dec. 13, 2003 American troops captured […]

Conservatives are facing a gay marriage conundrum

When my home state of Massachusetts makes national headlines, it tends to be a cause of embarrassment for me. There’s the Big Dig, which has […]

Campus left silences opposing views

College campuses are supposed to be places of free expression, and this is generally the case at Yale. Unless, of course, you wish to criticize […]

In Ward 1, a vote for Healey is a vote for Proto

In the Ward 1 aldermanic race, it’s a battle of the nice guys. Next Tuesday, the old cliche will prove to be half-right. Both Ben […]

Anti-JAG policy quashes law students’ free speech rights

On Monday, the Yale Daily News reported that nearly half of the Yale Law School’s professors plan to sue the Department of Defense over its […]

So, would the real Wesley Clark please stand up?

“The credibility of the United States is on the line, and Saddam Hussein has these weapons and so, you know, we’re going to go ahead […]