James Kirchick
Second place non-fiction: ‘Left Out’

Amidst this winter’s worldwide violent protests over the 12 cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed published in a Danish newspaper, the words of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi […]

Under media glare, politics can quickly become public

For most Yalies, the name Chesa Boudin ’03 is not likely to ring a bell. He is the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, […]

Afghan politician contrasts with student

Rahmatullah Hashemi and Malalai Joya seemingly have much in common. Both are 27, come from the same region of Afghanistan and are interested in international […]

Ex-Taliban can learn from Yale experience

I was more than a little puzzled to see the self-satisfied mug of Rahmatullah Hashemi ’09 smiling at me from the front of the News […]

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There is one word that drives me nuts. It’s not a curse. Its timbre does not make me cringe. Rather, it is the way in […]

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On the evening of September 15, 2005, Max Sklar ’06 sent out an e-mail imploring his fellow Yalies to opt out of the voluntary student […]

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God Bless Alan Kennedy-Shaffer. If he did not exist, someone would have to invent him. Earlier this week on this page, my friend and colleague […]

Livingstone chooses Muslims over gays

This month’s riots in the immigrant ghettos outside Paris are only the latest manifestation of a continent in decline. Expressly, Europe has abandoned its culture. […]

Non-profit cancer center would provide jobs, care

What a difference a summer makes. Here was Ward 1 Alderwoman Rebecca Livengood last spring, stating that “while some requests of the cancer center, such […]

Keep unionization out of cancer center debate

As the race for Ward 1 alderman heats up, the most important issue facing the city is the proposed $430 million cancer center affiliated with […]

GESO comes up short on criteria for real union

Annual graduate student stipend (2005-2006): $18,000 Health benefit to graduate students with two dependents: $2,796 Graduate student summer research fellowship: $3,500 Pretending you’re a real […]