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EL SOLH: Not my scantron

I remember exactly what dress I wore. It was powder blue, with sunflowers dancing at the bottom hem. When we walked through the door, they […]

EL SOLH: “Name, please?”

“Name, please?” “Hannah.” My friends snicker behind me in the coffee shop line, saying, “Nice to meet you, Hannah.” I grit my teeth and offer […]

EL SOLH: The illusion of choice

The heading of the Yale College Undergraudate Admissions “Learning at Yale” webpage reads in an inviting typewriter font, “A Liberal Arts Education.” The first sentence […]

EL SOLH: Asymmetrical empathy

I used to wonder how world leaders and top executives flaunted Ivy League degrees but lacked the basic manners we learned in kindergarten. But now […]

EL SOLH: Defining success

At the start of fall semester, I remember scheduling meals with classmates whom I hadn’t seen since my first year. Naturally, the conversation drifted to […]