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EL SOLH: Cut the criticism

First and foremost, our Yale education teaches us to critique. Rarely has it taught me to defend. When we participate in section, praise is given […]

Giovanna Truong
EL SOLH: Treasuring the table

I had never taken an art history course, so I decided to cross it off my bucket list. My professor began the class by discussing […]

EL SOLH: Made of multitudes

The first thing I did when I returned to campus was check out some books of my own choosing to read for pleasure before school […]

EL SOLH: Fluid friends

I hate pickles, but I kept a pickle jar on my kitchen counter this summer. (Don’t worry, I washed it.) One of my friends started […]

EL SOLH: Searching for lost time

Editors’ Note: This piece originally appeared in the 2019 First Year Issue, published on August 2, 2019. As I packed up my things in my […]

EL SOLH: To date or not to date

The first few times that I came home from college during my first year, the question I was asked immediately after “How’s school?” was, “Well, […]

EL SOLH: Strength in balance

We were having coffee, two women bursting with strong opinions and an ambition for change. As we professed our dreams to be leaders of political […]

EL SOLH: Hire me?

With junior spring comes a flurry of dreaded questions that are all too familiar to upper-level students. “Where are you working this summer? Do you […]

EL SOLH: Read more fiction

Many of us may remember the colorful posters and banners that lined our elementary school classrooms, decorated with big block letters that wrote “READ” or […]

EL SOLH: Say it, ladies!

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 was to say what I meant. No more beating around the bush — what I had to […]

EL SOLH: Required reflection

Quite honestly, I’m not a fan of the new year. I’m not really a fan of resolutions, either. The hype was always anticlimactic, the resolutions […]