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Law School profs call for Kavanaugh investigation

In an open letter to Senate Judiciary Committee, 49 Yale law school faculty members on Friday called for a full investigation into the allegation of […]

EU data policy affects Yale fundraising

In May, the European Union implemented a new set of data privacy rules, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, designed to give people greater […]

Legal experts: Yale may have violated Clery Act

Jack Montague, the former Yale basketball captain expelled for sexual misconduct in 2016 and now suing the University on the grounds of gender discrimination, filed […]

A flag of underwear: Photo from Kavanaugh’s time shows DKE hijinks

A photograph that appeared in the Yale Daily News on Jan. 18, 1985, shows Kavanaugh’s fraternity brothers waving a flag woven from women’s underwear as part of a procession of DKE initiates marching across Yale’s campus.

Capital campaign enters silent phase

In the silent phase of any fundraising campaign, university officials typically solicit donations from a small group of wealthy alumni in the months leading up to the public launch of the campaign.

YLS silent on Kavanaugh allegation

In the days after a California professor accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ’87 LAW ’90 of sexual assault, Yale administrators and faculty members who […]

Figure of Speech: Jamie Kirchick’s Run for the Yale Corporation

Alumni express free speech concerns

After its first formal University-wide institutional assessment in almost a decade, the Yale Corporation on Aug. 31 published its findings, detailing alumni concerns about free […]

YPD institutes training initiatives

The initiatives include enhanced implicit bias training, an updated orientation with the YPD for first years and the creation of two new YPD–led bodies designed to better connect police officers with Yale community members.

Yale to participate in 2019 AAU Survey

As reports of sexual misconduct at Yale reach all-time highs, the University will participate in the Association of American Universities’ campus sexual climate survey in […]

Schwarzman Center construction to begin

A little over a year ago, students enjoyed the stir-fry bar and fresh pizza in the Commons dining hall for the last time before the historic facility closed its doors as long-term renovations began.