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New colleges to host annexed students

When the new colleges open in August 2017, they will welcome about 200 new freshmen. Less frequently discussed are those who will be joining them: juniors annexed from their residential colleges.

Thomas Near named Saybrook master

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology professor Thomas Near will be the next master of Saybrook College, University President Peter Salovey announced to a crowd of students Friday evening in the college's dining hall.

Christakis named Silliman master

Sociology professor Nicholas Christakis will be the new master of Silliman College, University President Peter Salovey announced to a dining hall full of excited Sillimanders Thursday.

In code of conduct debate, questions over FAS Senate’s role emerge

Though the newly created Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate will not hold its first session for another six months, the body is already facing its first test of power.

DS solicits student feedback

This week, dozens of former Directed Studies students will find themselves back around the seminar table.

Search for new masters nears final stages

As residential college masters welcome the class of 2019 this August, four of the 12 will be freshmen themselves.

Cultural Currency

The shabby facade of 295 Crown St., the home of the AACC, did not match the vibrant image painted in admission brochures targeted at minority students — a jarring experience that many students of color face when they arrive on campus. “Is this even Yale?” Nguyen’s mother asked her.“You shouldn’t come here. It’s not safe.”

MLA examines foreign language enrollment

Last week, the Modern Language Association — a scholarly organization that promotes language and literature study through publications and advocacy work — released a survey that measured foreign language enrollment at American colleges and universities, comparing trends across languages like Korean and Russian.

Faculty Standards of Conduct draft draws criticism

The comment period for the recently drafted Faculty Standards of Conduct has ended, but some faculty members may have more to say.

Science students call for sixth-year funding

Two months after the Graduate School guaranteed a sixth year of funding for students in the humanities and social sciences, natural science students are still waiting for their turn.

YCDO to undergo internal review

As the University prepares for the opening of two new residential colleges — and does so with a host of new administrators just settling into their jobs — an internal examination of the Yale College Dean’s Office aims to more clearly define administrators’ roles in a period of institutional change.