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Petition advocates against NELC restructuring

With the future of the Near Eastern Language and Civilizations Department uncertain, 640 people from across the globe have signed a petition asking that the department not be restructured.

Yale’s stats on misconduct complaints remain constant

Within three weeks of two alleged sexual assaults on campus, the University’s seventh biannual Report of Complaints of Sexual Misconduct, released Thursday afternoon, showed little change in the prevalence of sexual misconduct in the second half of 2014.

Nordhaus to chair Boston Fed’s Board

Economics professor William Nordhaus has been named chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston's 2015 board of directors.

History Department enrollments spike

Amid national discussion decrying the decline of the humanities, Yale’s History Department is on the rise.

Faculty weigh in on new ethics code

In the next two weeks, faculty will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on a new document that lays out specific standards of ethical conduct.

Administrative turnover opens gate to a new era

In the past year, three top administrators have decided to say goodbye to the institution to which they have each dedicated four decades of their lives.

Teaching Fellow Program director to retire

The current Director of the Teaching Fellow Program — a position she has held since 1999 — Hackman began her career at Yale in 1971 after teaching high school history. Beginning as the Director of the College Criteria Study, she went on to serve as Associate Director and later Director of Yale’s Office of Institutional Research before becoming Associate Dean of Administrative Affairs for Yale College in 1987.

Changes to TF policies bring wage decreases for some

Joshua Fincher GRD ’15 holds the title of “part-time acting instructor.” He spends Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings teaching undergraduates the Greek language in “Homer: An Introduction.” As a teaching fellow who leads his own course, Fincher will earn $10,250 this semester.

Gordon, voice for academics, to depart

After four decades at Yale, Deputy Dean of Yale College and Dean of Undergraduate Education Joseph Gordon will retire next January.

Committee to reevaluate withdrawal policies

Following months of campus-wide discussion of the University’s mental health resources, Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway has charged a committee with examining Yale’s withdrawal and readmission policies.

Education Studies program meets growing pains

Started in 2013, Yale’s Education Studies program is an initiative that provides undergraduates with coursework focused on an interdisciplinary understanding of education.