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Online PA program comes under harsh scrutiny

As one recent admit to the Yale Physician Associate program scrolled through his Facebook newsfeed on March 10, he was surprised to see headlines stating that Yale’s program would likely be made available online. Since the announcement, this student has chosen not to enroll at Yale.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Online PA program expands access, but at what price?

Earlier this month, Yale announced its proposal to offer a new Physician Associate degree almost entirely online. The program will likely require only roughly two weeks total on campus over the course of its 28-month duration.

Before new colleges, advising system might change

In addition to new college facilities, the expanded freshman class of 2021 — the first class to occupy the new residential colleges — may be welcomed by a revamped advising system.

Professional schools weigh value of faculty senate

With the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Senate nearly in full swing, proponents of the body are looking ahead — and around.

Students, excited but cautious, respond to SEAS donation

All students interviewed were ecstatic about the announcement, but many were careful to temper their enthusiasm — even with the donation, CS at Yale is far from where it needs to be, they said.

Years later, prize funds still not renewed

In 2006, the English Department awarded a total of $15,125 to students via the Elmore A. Willets Prize for Fiction. In 2009, that number climbed to $20,750. But by 2013, the Willets Prize awarded a mere $3,000.

SEAS receives $20 million donation

The donations come with an agreement that the University’s Computer Science Department will move into SEAS. The department will add five new faculty positions, increasing its size by 25 percent.

Spanish Department under review following anonymous allegations

On March 6, professors and graduate students in Spanish and Portuguese arrived at their department mailboxes to find an anonymous letter expressing grave concerns about their department.

Davis wins National Book Critics Circle Award

Emeritus professor of American history David Brion Davis won the 2014 National Book Critics Circle Award in general nonfiction for his book “The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation,” the National Book Critics Circle announced Thursday.

Yale to offer all-online medical science degree

For the first time in its centuries-long history, Yale will offer an online degree.

Concerns of adjuncts nation-wide not always felt at Yale

Last Wednesday, on the first National Adjunct Walkout Day, unsatisfied instructors around the country stormed out of their classrooms, wielded signs demanding better treatment and staged alternative protests like teach-ins and rallies. They were rallying against poor job security and low wages. But at Yale, adjuncts seem to have stayed put.