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Unprecedentedly yours,

Post-March 2020 was full of “unprecedented” moments. It was the year when shirts and pajama shorts became a fit, thanks to online meetings. Second, there […]

Valentine’s Day Essentials for Singles

Well, the list is short, very short, my single friends. There is one thing you should get this Valentine’s Day: a crush. If you don’t […]

Yale scientists win 2024 Comstock Prize in Physics

Professors Michel Devoret and Rob Schoelkopf were awarded the 2024 Comstock Prize in Physics by the National Academy of Sciences for their work on non-linear quantum optics in electrical circuits at the single-photon level.

The Long-Term Long-Distance Low-Commitment Casual Girlfriend Handbook: A guide to modern situationships

Are you tired of the hassle of a fully committed relationship, with its shared responsibilities, mutual respect and genuine emotional connection? Do you prefer the thrill of wondering where you stand with your partner and if they're secretly in love with someone else? If your answer to both of those questions is yes, congratulations, you might be ready to become — as Ken puts it in the Barbie movie — a long term, long distance, low commitment, casual girlfriend. So, without further ado, I present you with the "Long Term, Long Distance, Low Commitment, Casual Girlfriend Handbook."

Annual Wardrobe Festivities for the Meteorologically Challenged

Over the past few weeks, there’s been almost no occasion where I was dressed for the same weather as my friends. Half of them were […]

Paper boats and unsent letters

If you wanted to find me on campus you could probably follow the origami paper boat trail I leave behind, somewhat of a Hansel and […]

Researchers discover new way to arrange materials to exhibit unique properties

By growing and layering materials at different angles, Yale researchers have found a way to create moiré materials, which exhibit different properties than their normal counterparts.jame

Mild friends

Last week, during a conversation with a group of friends, I had a revelation that sent me down a rabbit hole of introspective thoughts. As […]

Kadıköy to New York City, Gaye Su Akyol

My apartment back home is nestled between the narrow streets of Kadıköy, a neighborhood bursting with vibrant colors, the mixed scents of honeysuckle and terebinth trees and conversations escalating with a buzz as the street vendors periodically interrupt with their thunderlike voices: in short, a sensory feast. Kadıköy, for me, is a place alive with its contrasts; alive with its cozy parks and vibrant hills meeting the sea; new-wave-artsy with its music after 8 p.m.; full of history as you splash water on your face from a 300-year-old fountain.

A very reliable ranking of the residential colleges

It’s been a few weeks since the class of 2027 got the email assigning them to their residential colleges.  For the first years, now begins […]

Relax & Unwind

I click on the picture of a girl sitting next to a bunch of flowers, with electric blue headphones, smiling with her eyes closed, “Relax […]