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Researchers discover new way to arrange materials to exhibit unique properties

By growing and layering materials at different angles, Yale researchers have found a way to create moiré materials, which exhibit different properties than their normal counterparts.jame

Mild friends

Last week, during a conversation with a group of friends, I had a revelation that sent me down a rabbit hole of introspective thoughts. As […]

Kadıköy to New York City, Gaye Su Akyol

My apartment back home is nestled between the narrow streets of Kadıköy, a neighborhood bursting with vibrant colors, the mixed scents of honeysuckle and terebinth trees and conversations escalating with a buzz as the street vendors periodically interrupt with their thunderlike voices: in short, a sensory feast. Kadıköy, for me, is a place alive with its contrasts; alive with its cozy parks and vibrant hills meeting the sea; new-wave-artsy with its music after 8 p.m.; full of history as you splash water on your face from a 300-year-old fountain.

A very reliable ranking of the residential colleges

It’s been a few weeks since the class of 2027 got the email assigning them to their residential colleges.  For the first years, now begins […]

Relax & Unwind

I click on the picture of a girl sitting next to a bunch of flowers, with electric blue headphones, smiling with her eyes closed, “Relax […]

Uncuffing Season

It’s uncuffing season. It’s the season of breakups. My past two weeks have been full of breakup news. I can’t tell if I look like […]

Friendships at Yale: in the Small Things

Friendships at Yale are a lot of things: genuine, fake, loving, annoying. In short: complicated. Very complicated — and for someone like me, 4,942 miles […]

Scientists at School of Engineering and Applied Science improve ductility of metallic glass

A new Yale study from the School of Engineering and Applied Science developed a method to increase the ductility of bulk metallic glasses, or BMGs.  […]

Scientists at Yale School of Medicine design a virus to treat ovarian cancer

A new Yale study showed that certain genetically modified viruses can cure ovarian cancer in mice. It may be of use in the treatment of […]

New study points to gap in dark matter theory

New research co-authored by a Yale astronomy professor suggests that there may be a large discrepancy between what scientists thought dark matter was and what […]