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The Bridge Between Photojournalism and Art

“Before the Event/After the Fact” attempts to explore the quiet moments surrounding violent conflicts through photo-based media and documentary-like practices. It features photographs and two […]

Coffee with an American Theater Legend

As I approached the Book Trader Cafe, I saw Kathleen Chalfant and gave a little wave. She waved back with a big smile and commented on our perfect timing. After insisting on buying my coffee, she sat with me at a table outside brushing the leftover rain off the seat. Today is not her first time in New Haven — she’s been in a number of shows at the Yale Repertory Theatre and the Long Wharf Theatre and has been in town for months rehearsing for the world premiere of “Mary Jane,” which opens at the Rep tonight.

Grown-Up Love

“Talk Your Age” explores the dysfunction of real-life relationships and questions the hierarchy of different kinds of love. The play revolves around a weekend trip taken by Ben, his girlfriend Isabel (Esther Ritchin ’20), and, against Ben’s will, his little sister Hannah. It’s the beginning of Ben and Isabel’s last summer at home before college, and the strain the impending distance between them is putting on their relationship comes through in their awkward exchanges and restrained arguments. Hannah also feels the pain of the upcoming separation from her college-bound brother, which hits her acutely since Ben is much more concerned with spending all of his remaining time with Isabel and none with his “freaky” sister.

Urban Bush Women performs at Yale

As Yale and the country as a whole have participated in conversations about inclusivity, race and representation, two groups have come together to address these issues through dance.

Dance and Disability

Heidi Latsky is a modern dance choreographer in New York City. She first received recognition as a principal dancer in the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane […]

Hamlet meets Hamilton

Imagine Hamlet meets Hamilton. It’s your classic story of absolute power corrupting absolutely, injected with ballads, raps and red velvet period costumes. And did I […]

Gather out of Stardust: The Art of the Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was an early 20th century art movement that turned the national eye to marginalized voices in the African-American community.

Feminism and the Future of Frats

Descending into the basement of 31 High St., Genevieve Esse ’19 had never felt more aware of an unbalanced gender ratio.

MANNINO: The morning after

Maybe that’s the scariest part of this election: it has proven there is no more fact-checking in politics. You can say anything you want — even if there are sources that prove you wrong, if you keep saying the same thing over and over again, the media will create a platform for you. People will believe you. People will believe anything.

Simone White: Poet, Scholar, Philosopher

Q: When and why did you decide to become a writer? A: Well, I don’t know if I decided to become a writer. My first […]

They’re Not Sorry

Lights up on a pool party. The floor is cotton candy pink and lime green, and drawings of palm trees swelter on the media screens […]