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Happy Endings

The 2000s and 2010s were the time of the male anti-hero in television. There are a multitude of famous television shows about complex men who […]

A Circle That’s Suddenly Red

When there’s a mass shooting around the corner from your house, you want to think that people will remember. You’ve seen shootings happen over and […]

The Representative from Connecticut Has the Floor

“One nation controlled by the media/Information age of hysteria/Calling out to idiot America.” Sound familiar? Green Day’s 2004 album “American Idiot,” though written with George […]

The Troubles of Growing Up

Derry Girls” brilliantly documents the hilarious trials of growing up through the eyes of four young women (and one out-of-place boy) living in Ireland during […]

“Velvet Buzzsaw”: A Review

“Velvet Buzzsaw” takes its viewer into an aesthetically framed critique of the modern art world with a number of anticipatory moments that never lead to […]

The New Sabrina Practices What it Preaches (Not Just Satanism)

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is a new Netflix-made series based on the characters from the Archie comic “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” but like the new […]

MANNINO: My hometown — stronger than hate

There is a particular horror to waking up and discovering your hometown on national breaking news. I woke up on Saturday to a slew of […]

Making memories disappear: “El Huracán” at the Rep

A woman in a blue satin swing dress stands on a raised circular stage. Her assistant, a man in classic coattails, emerges from her roadcase, […]

What Are We Doing?

I’m only 19, and I feel like my friends are already disillusioned with romance. Sometimes I am too. And I can’t blame them. I know […]

The Writing Skills of Emily Skillings

Emily Skillings is a Brooklyn-based poet. She graduated from The New School with a degree in both dance and writing, and received an MFA in […]

MANNINO: A dangerous delay

Last semester, I was extremely stressed. I was taking five classes for the first time, attempting to put up a play and dealing with typical […]