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Pizza People allege requests to leave Green

On the third Tuesday of each month, the New Haven Green is dotted with tables offering free pizza and clothing. The group of volunteers responsible, who call themselves the “Pizza People,” operate with the simple wish of helping those in need. But according to members of the group, some city officials want the Pizza People’s services to stop.

Community development meeting to review budget

New Haven’s Office of Management and Budget presented their Consolidated Action Plan for the coming fiscal year at a Joint Committee on Community Development and Human Services meeting Thursday night.

City, activists still split on Green curfew

Nearly five years have passed since Occupy New Haven --— an encampment of protesters advocating for economic rights for “the 99 percent” -— caused $130,000 worth of damage to the New Haven Green. Still, debates are reverberating again through city government about how to prevent such destructive activities from occurring on the Green again.

Peer support system tackles homelessness

Continuum of Care, a local organization that provides residential and support services to individuals with psychiatric or developmental disabilities, has launched the yearlong pilot of its Peer Connector program with the support of the Yale School of Medicine.

Warming centers to open for homeless

As temperatures this weekend are predicted to plummet to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, Mayor Toni Harp and city emergency management officials have activated New Haven’s Severe Cold Weather Protocol to protect homeless individuals from the extreme cold.

Malloy suggests gun law to curb domestic violence

In an effort to protect victims of domestic violence, Gov. Dannel Malloy introduced legislation last week that would require anyone under a temporary restraining order to surrender their firearms and ammunition within 24 hours.

Malloy’s austere budget meets criticism

Calling for a structural transformation of the state of Connecticut’s budget, Gov. Dannel Malloy laid out a proposal Wednesday that would cut thousands of workers from the state’s payroll and impose a new philosophy on the state’s budgeting process.

Secure Jobs program supports 8 Elm City families

Secure Jobs Connecticut — a state pilot program geared toward providing aid to homeless families — has already taken on eight New Haven families, just six months into operation.

Malloy to impose gun restrictions

Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Thursday that he intends to sign an executive order that would ban individuals on federal terrorist watch lists from purchasing firearm permits in the state of Connecticut.

New Haven 7th in misery ranking

Despite laying claim to the best pizza, burgers and donuts on the East Coast, the Elm City ranked seventh in a poll of Connecticut’s most […]

Researchers study pulsating galaxy

A recent research paper co-authored by astronomers from Harvard and Yale explores a new method of measuring fluctuations in light output from stars in distant galaxies.