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RIVERA: Special snowflakes, all

You are extraordinary. You go to a school that has an acceptance rate of less than 6.5–7 percent (thanks class of 2021.) You study under […]

RIVERA: Honesty — the best policy?

Even if we weren’t raised in a particularly religious household or community, it’s conventional wisdom that lying is bad. We castigate politicians and lawyers for […]

RIVERA: Coke on campus

She walked up from the Bingham basement and outside into the crisp, April air. One of her hands was buried in her overcoat — she […]

RIVERA: Why we write

Last semester, after the News published an opinion piece about sympathy for the elite, students across campus put the opinion desk in the public stockade […]

RIVERA: Accept the sophomore slump

“Let’s face it: At the end of the day, most of us are going to go on and lead very mediocre lives.” I stared at […]

A Study in Furniture

All the furniture is moving. The American Decorative Arts Furniture Study, where most of the University’s furniture collection is housed, is migrating to a facility […]

RIVERA: Little-big things

My mom and aunt helped me move in this year. My mom, being my mom, left me posters with inspirational messages written on them. One […]

RIVERA: Home, a social construct

Home: the subject of many late-night common room conversations, meetings with your residential college dean — or your mental health counselor, if you can get […]

RIVERA: Break the silence

Two weeks ago, members of the class of 2020 completed the Yale Communication and Consent Educators’ bystander intervention training. Sophomores are now prepared to intercede […]

RIVERA: Nonexistence at Yale

Sophomore year is here. Ours is a year of uncertainty regarding majors, extracurriculars and our relationships with other people on campus. These queries, among others, […]

RIVERA: Is Yale meritocratic?

“Is Yale a meritocracy?” I could see the gears turning in the minds of my classmates. On the one hand, the answer seemed obvious. Of […]