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The Angle Ep. 2: RIVERA: Can we keep it?

In his March 2 piece, staff columnist Adrian Rivera discusses the 2020 Democratic primary and the dynamics of political discourse on campus. The Angle: The […]

RIVERA: Memento vivere

I celebrated my birthday recently. Under normal circumstances, I would have thrown a rager. You only turn 22 once, after all. There would have been […]

RIVERA: To the deep end

I don’t know how to swim. Yes, despite the previous line, a line seemingly immaterial-to-yesterday’s-today’s-and-tomorrow’s-news, this, too, is a piece of writing about COVID-19. Bear […]

RIVERA: Can we keep it?

Nobody likes to be wrong. Nobody dislikes being wrong more than smart people, of whom there are supposedly many here at Yale and across the […]

RIVERA: Society? I don’t know her.

This isn’t a column about why you should join a senior society. This isn’t a column about why you shouldn’t join a senior society (though […]

RIVERA: Yeehaw, Yale

Country music: who needs it, who wants it? In the mind of the stereotypical East Coast liberal, country music is the domain of rednecks and […]

Valerie Navarrete
RIVERA: Mask off

Earlier this month, Yale Law School alumni Samuel Alito LAW ’75 and Brett Kavanaugh ’87 LAW ’90 met with Brian Brown. Brown — according to […]

RIVERA: “But” is better — trust me

Get your mind out of the gutter. The above title isn’t an innuendo. Probably. Today, I’m going to convince you of a general principle I’ve […]

The American Dream: Screw or Be Screwed?

What does it mean to “make it?” For the aspiring politicians among us, I imagine that it would mean holding political office; for the writers, […]

RIVERA: Our proverbial paddles

I love pain. You love pain, too. If it were otherwise, we wouldn’t be at Yale — we’d be at some lesser institution, like Harvard […]

RIVERA: Housing sux

The college housing draws are over. The cool, alt kids and the wealthy socialites have moved off campus; housing groups have fallen apart, with their […]