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RIVERA: The problematic post office

It’s a Tuesday. You enter the building and pray to the high heavens that this time — just maybe — your experience will be hassle-free. […]

RIVERA: Taking flight at Yale

I live in Mission, Texas, and since coming to Yale, flights have been a big part of my life. As I waited to fly back from […]

RIVERA: Something to say

It’s that time of the year. Midterms lurk around every corner. Deadlines for papers, internships and study abroad trips seem to inch closer and closer […]

RIVERA: Burying a dead horse

Much has been written on the renaming of the college formerly known as Calhoun. There have been advocates and detractors, liberal critics and conservative lamenters […]

RIVERA: Facing our fears

In that hour, I felt more sadness, rage and hopelessness than I had in the entire week. It hurts — mentally and sometimes even physically — to pay attention to what is happening in our country and across the world as a result of Trump. When I do pay attention, I am consumed. I can’t focus on ostensibly removed subjects such as philosophy or literature.

RIVERA: Thanks, Obama

I fear we haven’t fully appreciated what we have, and that we will only cherish it after tomorrow. For eight years, our nation had a leader who inspired so many, including me, to believe: yes, we can. For that, I can only say: thanks, Obama.

RIVERA: Un-forking-believable

While at the inaugural Jonathan Edwards Freshman Dinner, I started to see the anomaly of race in the dining hall. Students, dressed in their finest clothes, sat in front of china sets emblazoned with small, green images of Jonathan Edwards, the slave-owning preacher himself. There were more forks and knives than I knew what to do with.

Justice Breyer talks trust, rule of law

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer brandished a copy of the U.S. Constitution, paraphrased Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Paper No. 78 and affirmed the role of the judiciary in front of his 130-strong audience at Yale Law School Friday morning.

RIVERA: An imperfect Yale, reborn

Life, like Yale, is not perfect, but there will be people and places and moments that make you feel like it is. So realize that while Yale, like life, isn’t perfect, it is what you make it. Make it something beautiful.