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Rowland indicted for corruption

A former Connecticut governor is currently under indictment by a federal jury, bringing the state’s anticorruption system into question.

Gubernatorial race rests on economy

As Gov. Dannel Malloy formally enters the fray as a candidate in this November’s gubernatorial race, both his supporters and detractors will attempt to use the state’s recent economic activity to measure his time in office.

Republicans call refund “political gimmick”

The legislature is considering a $55-per-person refund to taxpayers, a bill propelled by the Governor and questioned by voters.

CT residents rush for coverage

As the Monday deadline for enrolling in Connecticut’s new health care exchange approaches, many health care experts have judged the exchange to be one of the best run in the country.

Minimum wage increase passed

The CT Legislature approved the highest minimum wage of any state in the country on Wednesday evening, putting Gov. Dannel Malloy in the national spotlight.

Federal tribe recognition debated

Connecticut leaders, including Gov. Dannel Malloy, are opposing a federal proposal that would streamline the process of three American Indian tribes gaining federal recognition, citing economic consequences.

Legislature debates aid in dying

A bill under consideration by the Connecticut Legislature would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medications to terminally ill patients.

Murphy urges colleges to go smoke-free

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy urged the state’s college presidents to ban smoking from campuses last week.

Malloy pushes universal pre-K

In his State of the State address last week, Gov. Dannel Malloy called for funding to implement a universal pre-kindergarten program in Connecticut.

Babysitter’s repeated abuse reportedly killed child

On Jan. 19, Athiyan Sivakumar died from a fractured skull at the Yale-New Haven Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department. His babysitter, who was watching him at […]

Malloy favors higher min. wage

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy threw his weight behind a second increase, to $10.10 per hour, in a statement on Wednesday.