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When I am around anyone in a social setting, I start my part-time job: tree nut therapist. It starts innocently. Maybe someone offers me a […]

Doing your dreamwork

On March 30, Chareeni Kurukulasuriya ’16 found herself trapped inside a castle. Out the windows, she could see a mountain and a wintry forest. Inside the castle were a flashing orange light and a playful yet threatening dragon that had transformed itself into a human.

Goodbye to Salad Days

On Aug. 5, 2014, Donna Fritz, a 53-year-old food service worker, walked down a long hallway, seated herself at a large oval table, stared down […]

Abigail Bessler
Gun bill a pivot point in gubernatorial race

CT Voters for Gun Safety that aims to support pro-gun control candidates. This weekend, the PAC sponsored a conference of 125 advocates from around the state.

Malloy faces a tax problem

As Connecticut’s gubernatorial race intensifies, Gov. Dannel Malloy faces an uphill battle against what Republicans are calling their strongest message in years: that the governor’s large tax hikes have hurt the economy.

Republican candidates for House eye gubernatorial race

As Republican candidate Tom Foley leads the polls against Gov. Dannel Malloy, some Republicans in the state are expressing optimism about winning back House seats.

Clinton campaigns for Malloy’s reelection

Former President Bill Clinton LAW ’73 came to New Haven on Tuesday for a fundraiser at the Omni Hotel, enthusiastically throwing his support behind Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Conn. Community Rejects Yale Sailing Expansion

Yale formally withdrew a request to expand its sailing center this summer after members of the nearby Branford community of Short Beach protested the plans.

Political brawl intensifies over summer

The gubernatorial race in Connecticut heated up this summer, and with just over two months until Election Day both campaigns are already on the attack.

Senate passes end-of-life planning bill

The Connecticut Senate passed a bill on Thursday that, with House approval, would create a system for terminally ill people to declare their wishes for end-of-life care.

CT demands Sandy relief funds

Connecticut is fighting for its share of Sandy relief funds for public transit.