Malloy increases mental health funds

Governor Dannel Malloy plans to propose a $4.25 million increase to the state’s mental health funding to the legislature next week.


An Escape from the Four Walls


NHPS tackles poor college readiness

A state law aimed at increasing college graduation rates will put over 500 New Haven high school seniors in remedial classes this spring. The 2012 law, which prohibits colleges and universities from offering non-credit remedial courses, requires high schools to offer remedial help in high school for students who score under 400 in math or […]


Union protests fire dept vacancies

Several year-end retirements in the New Haven Fire Department have raised the department’s vacancy rate to nearly a third of existing positions, worrying union leaders who say the situation has become a safety concern. Most of the department’s 116 vacancies exist within the department’s Fire Suppression Unit, but a significant number are also managerial positions, […]


Gifting your way to an A

In honor of the grand Yale tradition of grade-grubbing, Cross Campus asked various professors what gift would make them consider giving student grades that little extra push into the A-range.


Non-profit CEO explains entrepreneurship through punk music

On Thursday afternoon, nonprofit leader Ned Breslin explained social entrepreneurship to Yale undergraduates through punk music. Breslin — the CEO of Water for People, an American-based nonprofit that works to establish long-lasting, safe drinking water resources in developing countries — came to campus as the first-ever speaker of InnovateHealth Yale, the School of Public Health’s […]


Study finds children clever helpers

According to a new Yale study, children as young as three years old have already learned not to blindly carry out requests.


Malloy allocates additional funds for school security

Half of Connecticut’s public schools will receive money to upgrade their security infrastructure, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced last week.


Democratic aldermen prevail

After months of campaigning, each of the five Democratic candidates in contested aldermanic races prevailed victorious Tuesday night.


Residents push healthy cooking

At last night’s Board of Aldermen meeting, the Board passed the Food Action Plan — a set of strategies for increased sustainability and improving access to healthy food in New Haven.


BESSLER: Nearly condom queen

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