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SIBARIUM: Manning up

Charles Murray. George Will. Condoleezza Rice. And now… Chelsea Manning? Harvard’s decision to retract its offer to the former soldier-turned-leaker-turned-woman — who had until recently […]

SIBARIUM: Communication and conceit

The Communication and Consent Educators — Yale College’s most visible sexual assault intervention program, which touts a research-based approach to sexual violence — is a […]

SIBARIUM: Discipline and pinterest

This summer, the former dean of Pierson College was placed on indefinite leave after screenshots of her personal Yelp reviews began circulating among students. “I […]

SIBARIUM: Our critique of pure reason

“Rational discourse has been rigged in favor of white, capitalist peoples for far too long … The idea that there is a single truth — […]

SIBARIUM: Why I’m an a–hole

I do mock, deride and name-call more often than most, especially if I think someone deserves it. And I harbor no delusions about what this entails. People don’t like to be told they’re wrong, and they like even less to be told they’re crazy or craven. Hurt feelings produce rolled eyes, and rolled eyes produce haughty, high-minded solipsism.

SIBARIUM: Humyn resources

Consider the following syllogism; Yale’s mascot is named “Handsome Dan.” “Handsome” typically describes attractive, cisgendered men. But not all people are attractive, cisgendered men. Therefore, […]

SIBARIUM: ‘Pro Milone’

But the strain of leftism against which Yiannopoulos rebels (and which dominates campus politics) is itself ripe with contradictions.

SIBARIUM: Schrodinger’s frat

“Bro, that little kid wrote that our tolerant views and fight for social justice is just a way for us to crush p—!” So blusters […]

SIBARIUM: Intersectionality, the right kind

As progressives scramble to unravel What Went Wrong In 2016, two narratives have emerged. The first — popular among moderate liberals and old-school socialists — holds that the postmodern fixation with identity politics has fractured the Democratic Party’s base by de-emphasizing class solidarity. The second — popular amongst college students and left-wing academics — holds that the solution to Democrats’ electoral troubles is more identity politics, not less.

SIBARIUM: The real case for Calhoun

The Committee to Establish Principles on Renaming suggests that renaming should only be done in the service of fostering “an ethical, interdependent, and diverse community.” Affirming the unethical, disruptive and close-minded behavior of last Fall contradicts that goal.

SIBARIUM: My new normal

So this Thanksgiving, I will be celebrating all the ways I’m just like everybody else: I can speak. I can write. I watch fireworks on the 4th of July. I have friends. I enjoy being hugged.