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SIBARIUM: Empathy for Jordan

There are no words to describe seeing a man burned alive, surrounded by cheering onlookers, just as there are no words to describe the sight of the World Trade Center collapsing in the heart of New York City.

SIBARIUM: Pretension of humility

There is a fine line between good-spirited mockery and genuine contempt.

SIBARIUM: Learning to be good

A true moral education forces us to question every choice, habit and custom of daily life. In short, it concerns not only how we think, but how we act.

SIBARIUM: Fear the ballot

Our commonplace vilification of perceived indifference reveals a dangerous attitude toward voting that devalues the responsibility democracy ultimately entails.

SIBARIUM: Why affirmative consent matters

There is a long institutional history of colleges failing to provide swift and adequate services to victims of sexual assault. Now we have a law disincentivizing such behavior.

SIBARIUM: History as patriotism

Patriotism is about more than unqualified reverence for one’s country. It is about a commitment to bettering one’s nation and upholding its most sacred values.

SIBARIUM: Pinker’s false logic

Achievement cannot be codified so easily by an objective, depersonalized formula, even one that purports to account for grades, essays and other non-standardized metrics.