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SIBARIUM: Eliminate the swamp

Seeing as this is my last column for the News, I had been planning to write something anodyne and unprovocative, a meditation on speaking one’s […]

SIBARIUM: Deep sh-t

If you had any lingering doubts about the state of America’s culture industry, they should have been violently laid to rest by Elizabeth Eden Harris, […]

SIBARIUM: Not my president

Addressing my freshman class in 2014, University President Peter Salovey said that “the pursuit of new knowledge … requires that we confront what we would […]

SIBARIUM: Anti-seminarism

In 2016, some prominent Jewish intellectuals began warning that the doctrine of “intersectionality” so popular on college campuses could easily turn into an anti-Semitic dog […]

SIBARIUM: The moral ghetto

In 2017, former DKE president Luke Persichetti was suspended for “penetration without consent” just five months after boasting that the fraternity had undergone a substantial […]

SIBARIUM: Psychopathy and the good life

The Yale Chaplain’s Office does not list Scientology anywhere on its home page, but after 1,200 undergrads crowded into Battel Chapel for the first session […]

SIBARIUM: Self-love or self-lust?

Few concepts in modern times take up as much semantic space as The Self. Ours is an age of hyphenated virtues, in which self-care and […]

SIBARIUM: For a round table

Not long after Sohum Pal ’20 enjoined white students to “take a few steps back” — from leadership positions, from debate, from power — his […]

SIBARIUM: Credit/D/Sail

This Friday, at around 5:03 p.m., several Yalies will be kicking themselves for having missed the Credit/D/Fail conversion deadline. First comes denial: “Ok, this is […]

SIBARIUM: The Title IX delusion(s)

In the Homeric culture war currently playing out across academia, no battleground has proven more divisive — or more treacherous — than the debate over […]

SIBARIUM: Solving solipsism

What would Hugh Hefner have made of the modern university? His views have certainly influenced the id and ideology of campus life. An unrepentant champion […]