Were you waiting for February to end?

February is finally finished. Fortunately?

Fact: February contains the fewest days of any month. 

Fiction: February contains the fewest days of fun of any month.

February often gets a bad rap for feeling like the longest month despite only having 28 days (or, in this year’s case, 29 days). For everyone, it just seems to drag on — we aren’t still riding the New Year’s energy and excitement, and spring hasn’t quite yet sprung. 

At the beginning of the semester, when I was mapping out my major assignments and assessments for each course, February was filled to the brim. The work just kept piling on. As soon as I would begin to feel relieved after finishing one assignment, I would quickly have to gear up and begin working on or preparing for the next one. I even had a midterm on the 29th! Is that allowed? 

Most people anxiously anticipate the end of this month, but is it worth the rush? Is February so brutal that we should excitedly march into March without soaking up all that February has to offer? I’ll admit, I was a member of the “Fast-Forward Through February Club.” I patiently waited for the month to end. However, I owe February an apology. If I had just spent a little extra time searching, I could have found that February is in fact filled with felicity.  

I didn’t even have to look too far past the first day to find good news this month. On Groundhog’s Day (Feb. 2), Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow. What does that mean for us? Spring is on its way! I don’t know if it’s just placebo, but ever since then, I have already started to see early signs of spring: the sun has made an appearance after a long period of hibernation, the weather decided that we don’t have to wear our heaviest coats anymore and the birds are happily chirping and singing because they, too, know that spring is on its merry way. 

Despite this major development, which I thought could cheer me up for the rest of the month, an avalanche of work — and actual snow, for that matter — struck down during the second week: two midterms and a paper. Struggling through the storm of work, I managed to find some silver linings amidst the clouds. 

On Sunday, Feb. 11, after studying for most of the day and preparing for the hectic week that lay ahead, I found some snippets of fun. I enjoyed a super-special Super Bowl dinner in the Branford dining hall, complete with nachos, wings and the most delightful chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes. While I wasn’t able to watch the entire game, my friend was able to find a live stream just in time for the halftime show. Then, a few days later on the 14th, I enjoyed a delectable Galentine’s dinner, and finished off the night with a treat from Claire’s. The difficult week seemed to be taking a sweet turn. 

Near the end of the month, when midterms started lightening up for me, more events and celebrations appeared on the horizon. There were endless formals to attend, whether it was the annual first-year formal or formals for clubs and social groups. The end of the month brought multiple occasions to dress up and have fun, which for me, was a delight because I felt like I had been living in sweatpants for the entirety of February.

When looking back at this month, perhaps it was filled with more excitement than I gave it credit for. 

However, with that being said, I’m somewhat relieved that March is here.