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Not All Games Go to Heaven

The Nintendo 3DS — one of the most popular and beloved gaming consoles of the past decade — is dying. As of March 27th, 2023, […]

Blurbs: WKND’s Favorite Childhood Books

When I was four years old, I memorized Ludwig Bemelmans’ “Madeline.” I could recite it cover-to-cover, and I did, for any adult who would listen. […]

Refrigerator Art

The refrigerator in my kitchen is a coffin of memories. It juts out from where it is lodged between the bit of granite countertop at […]

It’s Brutal Out Here

There is the joke among Northerners that Southern kids, like me, cannot handle the cold. Some of this is true. My first year, I did […]

A Guide for Busy Bodies

So you’ve overcommitted yourself academically, didn’t you? It was course registration week and you thought, “Hmm, I can totally do four classes on Tuesdays and […]

Off to the Races!

It is two weeks into the spring semester and, as such, marks the start of what for many Yale students — myself included — is […]

Joy in the Life of Things

On Thanksgiving Day, I danced with the portrait of the woman in blue who was hung over the mantle of the Davenport Common Room. She […]

The Dog

The night the dog died, I was sound asleep tucked away in the corner of my massive room on the third floor of Davenport College. […]

Writing, Unconcentrated

At this point every semester, after having emerged from the perilous tides of midterm season, Yale students find themselves watching the waves recede and reveal […]

La Herencia

The News' illustrations editor reflects on his cover art for the Latinx Heritage Month special issue.

Panera Et Circenses

Panera is a peculiar beast. It is a fast food chain with the pomp of an upscale shoe store. It is a sandwich joint dressed […]