My friends are always shocked when I’m in New Haven for a weekend. In their words, “Oh my god, Bri, you’re not at a conference or just mysteriously gone?” So I figured that must make me the authority on the best places to go when East Rock is just not far enough to avoid that midterm stress, situationship, weird roommate or whatever you may have it. 

Naturally, I must address the elephant in the room: NYC is unequivocally the best trip to take from New Haven, no matter how unoriginal. I am, in fact, writing this article from the MNR (my train stopped in Rye and Fordham so I had the time to pull out the computer and do this). Maybe it’s because I’m from a small town, but the charms of the city seem endless. My favorite way to spend a day is with a museum in the morning (I frequent the MoMA), then treat yourself to lunch before finally hitting up some shopping. Century21 (as featured in Sex and the City) is one of the best places to satisfy your taste for luxury on a budget. Also, if you know where to look, you may just stumble upon a sample sale. In the summer months, sometimes it’s just a nice escape to take a book and a blanket and sprawl out in the sunshine in Central Park. 

Next on my list is less over-done: Montreal. Granted, this trip might be best suited for those with the luxury of an on campus car as it is expensive to fly, but a destination as incredible as this is worth the recommendation. If you lack a Friday class or are searching for something to do over a long weekend, visit Montreal to feel like you are in France, except cheaper, prettier and with nicer people (maybe I just hate the French). I recommend staying in Old Montreal and heading to Pub Saint Pierre for drinks. As for food, I had an excellent meal at Brasserie 701, but if you’re on a budget, McDonald’s Canada does have a better menu than its counterpart in the United States. Quebec City, which is aesthetically much prettier, is also only a couple hours away by train. There, you can visit massive waterfalls, have drinks overlooking the St. Lawrence in the historic Chateau Frontenac. 

I wouldn’t be a good political science major without pointing out the obvious weekend destination, Washington, D.C. Common for conferences and career trips among Yalies and less so for fun, I have surprisingly discovered I could (and have) spend many weekends in D.C. and still not see it all. There are so many museums that are completely free, you could never see them all in one weekend. There’s also plenty of embassy events with free food and music if you know when you are going far enough in advance. 

Hopefully, this has helped you nail down your post-midterm getaway plans and if you ever need restaurant or Airbnb recommendations in any of these 3 incredible cities, you know who to ask.