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As a woman from the South, coming to Yale, I had a certain idea of what a sorority was supposed to look like. I knew at the time that I did not fit in. When I arrived on campus, I didn’t even bother looking into it. I couldn’t see the value due to a mix of my own perceptions and negative public opinion. But now, I am the president of my sorority and have found it to be my lifeline in school.

Best weekend trips from New Haven

My friends are always shocked when I’m in New Haven for a weekend. In their words, “Oh my god, Bri, you’re not at a conference or just mysteriously gone?” So I figured that must make me the authority on the best places to go when East Rock is just not far enough to avoid that midterm stress, situationship, weird roommate or whatever you may have it. 

On Confidence

Being at home, especially at the start of the year, always causes me to reflect on where my life is at and where I want to improve. In years past, particularly since I started at Yale, this period of reflection left me feeling lost, uninspired or comparing myself to others. Coming into 2024 was the first time where I have genuinely felt like I have it together. That’s not to say there aren’t things I still want to work on (I am of the opinion that self-improvement is a lifelong journey), but there isn’t the insurmountable feeling that I am doing something wrong. 

Reconceptualizing the first date

When you’re getting ready to go on a date, especially the very first one, there’s so much anticipation. You get caught up in your own […]

Meaningful, notable and brilliant

As the school year roared rather than dwindled to a close in May, I looked toward the summer with hope. I was moving into my […]

Firefighter, Pilot, Father, Hero

I know, I know, writing about your parents as your childhood heroes is a huge cliche, but my Dad really was (and still is) my […]

Secured a First Date? Here’s Where You Should Go.

Finally score the number of that cutie in your office hours? Hot Tinder date? Wondering where on Earth you’ll take them to really seal the […]

“It Girls” of TikTok

It seems every time I open TikTok, a new influencer is going viral or some niche aesthetic with “-core” attached to the end is all […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Rankings

Thanksgiving in the South is basically the culinary Olympics. Think Hell’s Kitchen, except instead of Gordon Ramsey yelling at you, it’s a seemingly sweet little […]

Yaledancers to perform in first full capacity performance since pandemic

Yaledancers will put on their fall show ‘After Dark’ Nov. 3 through Nov. 5 at the ECA Theater on Audubon Street

Yale hosts 10th Windham-Campbell Literary Festival

Natasha Tretheway, a United States Poet Laureate, headlined the festival's first in-person iteration since 2019.