Here’s to you, 2019. Yale is great, especially during these three days. Some quick tips: (1) Don’t even bother with sleep or homework while you’re here, (2) Make your own schedule based on what you want to see and (3) Just be glad that it’s not snowing right now.     

Most importantly. (4) Join the News. From 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. tonight, we will host an Open House in our building at 202 York St., for anyone looking to contribute to the Oldest College Daily. There’s a reason why one of the first things you did was pick up a copy of today’s paper.

As for everyone else: Play nice. We know that everything is starting to pile up, what with just five days remaining ‘til the end. But no matter how many Grand Strategy papers and Bridgewater applications and Skull & Bones initiation rites are hanging over your head, you were once a pre-frosh, too.        

We have that, too. The Center for Engineering Innovation and Design is holding an information session about  CS50 today at noon. There, you’ll learn that we actually offer everything that Harvard does and infinitely more.

Exhibit A. For even more proof of Yale’s relevance on the tech scene, read Friday’s New York Times feature about Genius co-founders Ilan Zechory ’06 and Tom Lehman ’06. According to the story, their company’s wild success has driven the close-friends-turned-business-partners to the emotional edge and back. Still, they’ve managed to keep things running more smoothly than the Facebook guys did… 

Our bread and butter. Political science, however, has always been and will continue to be a hallmark of Yale academics.  The Yale Political Union, for example, engages Howard Dean ’71 — who has traded his spot atop the Democratic National Committee for a position on the Yale faculty — in a debate today. While we’re not all as argumentative as the YPU might be, Yalies are always enthusiastic about intellectual discourse.          

So hip. Demonstrating the variety available in campus life at Yale, WYBCX Yale Radio will host a Battle of the Bands later tonight for those of you who’ll be returning to high school before Spring Fling.

Worthy of watermelon. As she prepares to step down, University VP for Global and Strategic Initiatives Linda Lorimer received a curious gift over the weekend: a decadent sculpture made of watermelons, at one point stationed in the Sterling nave.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1966 The economics department announces an accelerated master’s degree program for undergraduates.

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