Hurts a little less. We’ve seen a lot of heartbreak watching Yale sports this year — football, basketball and now hockey all fell just short in the very end, despite showing plenty of heart each time. For what it’s worth, though, Harvard and Quinnipiac also lost their first-round hockey matchups. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Consolation abounds. It was still a fruitful weekend for New Haven hockey. Locally, the men’s club team swept Harvard and UConn in games at Ingalls that sandwiched the annual showdown between the New Haven Police and Fire Departments. And on the big stage, national championship team stars Andrew Miller ’13 and Kenny Agostino ’14 made highlight reels with slick penalty shots — Miller’s marked his first NHL goal.

BuzzFERPA. News alumna Molly Hensley-Clancy ’13 also took the plunge and requested her admissions file, as per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Before Yale announced plans to destroy such records, Hensley-Clancy read through and found a “tepid” alumni interview score, among other nuggets that she published in an article for BuzzFeed this weekend.

Game of Thrones? Such is how Maryland Gov. Martin O’ Malley might describe the United States presidency after noting that the office should not be “some crown to be passed between two families,” on ABC’s “This Week” program on Sunday. On behalf of the University that helped groom those two families for success, we do (not) apologize.

Get paid. Among O’Malley’s selling points as a likely candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination is his willingness to take on Wall Street in the name of equality. We’re curious, then, to see what he’d think about the Yale Economic Review’s stock pitch competition, hosted in conjunction with Seeking Alpha. A cash prize is on the line, of course.

Simpler times. Tapping into a universal longing for the days when we were all less concerned about stock markets and presidential campaigns, people around campus have been selling Girl Scout cookies — one stand set up shop outside the Branford and Davenport dining halls on Friday. Either we’re all sentimental or the cookies just taste good.   

Holey year. New Haven has had a particularly tough year with pot holes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get much more information from the thinly sourced article that broke ground on the news.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1989 The University finalizes plans to move to a card-key gate entry system.

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