Finally. At long last, the Yale College Council will announce the performance lineup for this year’s Spring Fling at Woad’s tonight. We’ve essentially confirmed Klingande, but things are pretty much up in the air otherwise. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait, YCC.   

Not off the hook. But we’re still waiting to hear about another headliner: the Class Day speaker. For comparison’s sake, John Kerry ’66 was named the guest of honor for 2014’s ceremony on Feb. 10 last year.

Grand Strate-jealous. Former United States Army General Stanley McChrystal will be taking students in his GLBL 790 Leadership seminar to Gettysburg, Penn., to romp around old battlefields and bask in their alpha-ness. Meanwhile, the Grand Strategy students will be triple-checking to make sure they’ve written their names on their next assignments.

Pulling a fast one. Inspired in part by Frank Abagnale, Jr. (of “Catch Me if You Can” fame), Guillaume Dumas spent four years of his life sneaking onto campuses such as Yale, Stanford and Brown in an attempt to get the elite college experience without paying a dime of tuition money. Fast Company profiled the Canadian’s escapades in a Tuesday article, confronting issues like online education and pre-professionalism.

Crank up the hype machine. Not that anyone down here needed a reminder, but Sports Illustrated chimed in on Friday’s men’s basketball matchup between Harvard and Yale yesterday, noting everything riding on the game’s outcome. Yeah — we’re all pretty excited about it.   

Looking to join the family. “Modern Family,” the Emmy-winning ABC comedy, airs a new episode tonight (as it does every Wednesday) to follow up on last week’s installment, which revealed resident smart child Alex Dunphy’s decision to apply to Yale. Based on the first word of her essay, “Nietzsche,” we’re sure she’d be a delight to have in section. 

Will they read Nietzsche? This evening, English professor Anne Fadiman and her students will host the aptly named “9th Annual Reading by Anne Fadiman and her students” at the New Haven Free Public Library on Elm Street.

Probably No. 11. On Tuesday, NerdWallet ranked the state’s top 10 cities for young families for home affordability, education quality and friendliness. New Haven seems to have just missed the cut.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1975 A proposal to allow students the credit/fail option is brought before the faculty.

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