Almost out of the woods. February is over, midterms are nearly through and Spring Break is days away. Random, inconvenient snowstorms aside, things are finally looking up here in New Haven. Godspeed for the final push.

He’s got a blank space. We tried to warn you, O Grand Strategists. But despite the News’ best efforts and those of professor Jeremy Friedman last week, one of Yale’s finest neglected to write his or her name on a proposal for a Grand Strategy summer project. Let’s hope the student can bounce back from Friedman’s “sternly” worded email to the class on Friday afternoon. Honestly, this is becoming pathetic.     

Nothing has changed. The goal of every Grand Strategy student is to end up like George H.W. Bush ’48, George W. Bush ’68 or Bill Clinton LAW ’73. The three former United States Presidents recently helped create the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, which will bring together real-world leaders into a real-world version of Friedman’s class. Upon completing it, the program’s attendees will attend a ceremony hosted by the younger Bush and Clinton.

Picture to burn. Over the weekend, a photo of a cramped Lanman Wright Hall double made rounds on Reddit, generating significant attention for encapsulating “what $2,122 a month gets you (and a roommate) at Yale.” Fortunately for OP, Pierson’s rooms have a little more space.

We were both Young. Well, at least he is. Comedy writer (i.e., not the quarterback) Steve Young, best known for his work on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” is the guest of honor at a Trumbull Master’s Tea this afternoon. The anticipated subject of the talk is, simply, being funny, something we could use a pointer or two on.

Forever & Always. Choosing a college is a big commitment. Such is the reality that columnist Michelle Singletary hoped to convey in a piece for the Washington Post this weekend that discussed the absolute importance of diligently considering all options before settling upon the school that’ll  irreversibly shape one’s life. Unless one manages to transfer.

Welcome to New Haven. On Saturday, a new batch of Yale Tour Guides was selected for both the Admissions Office and Visitors’ Center. We’d imagine that many people checking out campus are also trying to get a feel for the Elm City, which sells itself more easily than some suggest.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1989 University officials reveal difficulties in attempts to remove asbestos from various campus facilities.

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