If you can’t take the cold, then go to the kitchen. Specifically, the kitchen in Commons, host to student cooks this evening for Final Cut 2015. Though the event will force Commons’ doors closed for lunch, the gourmet dinner just might make up for it. And remember: A chicken tender dinner goes to the best-represented residential college.

This is the end. Senior Class Gift season comes to a close tonight with an event at Harvest. Seniors with plans to head there from Final Cut will be living the good life that is endlessly flowing (free) food and drink.    

Well, that settles that. We at Yale love our media rankings. The latest to make rounds was yesterday’s National Law Journal listing of the top Go-To Law Schools for 2015. Coming in just above the University of Southern California Gould School of Law was the 14th-ranked Yale Law School. Good to know. 

On the bench. Sonia Sotomayor LAW ’79, hailing from the 14th best, played through the pain on Monday, sporting a cast on her right arm. The Washington Post reported that Justice Sotomayor received treatment on compressed nerves in her arm and will likely keep the cast through the week. 

All over Washington. Another high-profile D.C. Yalie also had a busy Monday: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ’66 worked in Geneva, Switzerland, to settle on terms with Iran preventing the nation from building nuclear bombs for the next several years.

On smart people. Monday’s Paul Krugman ’74 column in The New York Times weighed in on the relationship between education and income inequality. While Krugman claims that “Education is a friend of [his],” it’s not at the heart of the problem, he says.

By athletic people. The Yale Student Athlete College Council (YSACC) is stirring up campus support for Eli sports teams currently entering the home stretch. A hype video released by the Council last night called for support of the men’s basketball team in its final four games this year. Better late than never.

Rattled. Meanwhile, the men’s lacrosse team is just getting things started. A story in Monday’s Baltimore Sun checked in with the University of Maryland squad that fell to Yale this weekend and, apparently, paid the price in practice yesterday. “We were pretty tough on them,” Coach John Tillman told the paper.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2012 The Senior Class Gift donation drive ends with 97.5 percent participation, totaling $31,545.47.

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