Remember that you are dust. Shifting gears from Mardi Gras yesterday, today is Ash Wednesday. Saint Mary’s on Hillhouse Avenue and Saint Thomas More on Park Street will hold Mass and distribute ashes over the course of the day.

Give it up. And with Ash Wednesday comes the beginning of Lent, for which many students on campus will be making (small) sacrifices through Easter. Still, it could be a good opportunity for the non-religious to revisit their New Year’s resolutions and see how far a little self-restraint can go.

Like Humility. Faith-practicing or otherwise, Yalies would agree that human values are fundamental, wherever they might originate. Dipesh Chakrabarty, a professor from the University of Chicago, is on campus today to offer his thoughts on “Climate Change as Epochal Consciousness,” the initial of a three-part series of “The Tanner Lectures on Human Values” this week.    

Back to debauchery. Yalies — well, mainly seniors — still let a little loose at last night’s Feb Club event, a Star Wars-themed party named “Jar Jar Drinks” held in a Jonathan Edwards suite. The creativity is strong with these ones.

Expert commentary. This week’s news about the University’s sanctions against SAE has drawn a wide range of reactions from an even wider collection of sources. Add Total Frat Move to the list, which expressed some, shall we say, surprise at the ruling. Also, recycling an old picture from the News? TFM.    

They’re kind of a frat. The Whiffenpoofs managed to do Mardi Gras the right way, parading through the streets of New Orleans yesterday. By Tuesday night, however, they were on their way back from the trip, while the rest of us in New Haven tried to improvise with buckets of Cajun chicken for a little Fat Tuesday kick.

Behavioural decision making. The Center for International and Professional Experience seems to be fully prepared for anyone with questions about the London School of Economics summer session. Having already hosted several info sessions about the study abroad program, the CIPE will hold another one today to help make the decision even easier for those considering it.

Don’t forget. Applications for everything from fellowships (e.g., the Libby Rouse Fund for Peace) to Fling (i.e., this year’s Spring Fling logo) are due today.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 2014 Yalies make a strong push for local businesses and public offices to advertise broccoli as a healthy, appealing option.

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