Five guys. Today is President’s Day, and, since we have classes anyway, we might as well celebrate by basking in the fact that Yale has done more than its fair share for the nation’s highest office. Hey, William H. Taft 1878, Gerald Ford LAW ’41, George H.W. Bush ’48, George W. Bush ’68 and Bill Clinton LAW ’73 — this one’s for you all.   

Just in case. On Friday night, Harvard Dean of Student Life Stephen Lassonde emailed students in the Cantab undergraduate community to inform them that Harvard admins are keeping an eye on meningitis cases both here at Yale and at Providence College. We know you can never be too careful, but isn’t Cambridge a little far from New Haven?

Pay attention to us. People are starting to notice that something’s brewing within the Ancient Eight. An article by SBNation on Friday told readers to pay attention to the race for the Ivy League men’s basketball title, which has essentially come down to Harvard and Yale. Citing the fanfare surrounding The Game every year, the piece noted that “it’s been a while since the stakes were as high on the hardwood.” Buckle up, folks.

Who’s the new kid? After claiming Mark Arcobello ’10 off waivers, the Arizona Coyotes became the fourth team to sign the former Eli this season. And on Friday night, Arcobello became the first player to score for four teams in one year during his first shift in Glendale, Ariz.

Safe Haven. Yesterday, the New Haven Register profiled 38-year-old Yale-New Haven Hospital patient Roman Lutsiuk. Currently receiving treatment for serious intestinal wounds, Lutsiuk comes to the Elm City under unique circumstances: The former businessman helped fight Ukrainian separatists, and was referred to YNHH’s Alla V. Vash-Margita by field medics back in Ukraine.   

Cold Haven. Spring break may be just around the corner, but it still feels like winter outside. As a result, New Haven emergency shelters, which give homeless locals an indoor space to get out of the cold, have had to add several new beds to accommodate increased demand.

Up to you. Up to Yale — a  group seeking to raise awareness on campus about the United States’ national debt — will host a study break tonight in Bass Library, complete with sushi, Thai food and, most importantly, a Twitter contest.    

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1951 A flu outbreak remains the focus of University officials after seven additional students are admitted to the Yale infirmary, which had treated 75 total cases that year.

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