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Bloomberg writes about admissions interviews’ past and future

Many Ivy League alumni interviewers are upset, according to a Bloomberg article published Wednesday. In the article several present and past alumni interviewers cited their discontent over the fact that out of the many of students they interview, few gain admission. Many are quitting their positions while others are ignoring their respective alma mater’s requests »

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Believe in People is back and bigger than ever


Yet another creation of New Haven’s (?) most debated street artist, Believe in People, has been spotted in downtown. The graffito, located in the parking lot between Partners Cafe and 353 Crown (yet another Yale University property), takes up the entirety of a whitewashed brick wall. Anne Frank, holocaust victim and writer, is depicted in »

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Bruce Wayne went to Yale

So yeah, Batman went to Yale. The latest issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine adds Gotham’s Dark Knight to Yale’s list of alumni. Bruce Wayne however, was not merely a student of the university — he has a legacy. According to the magazine, Batman’s great-grandfather was the founder of the Skull and Bones secret society. »

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Yale ninth on Times Higher Education list

If education was a popularity contest Harvard would come first and Yale would come in…ninth? Times Higher Education has published on Thursday a new list that ranks universities based to their reputation for teaching and research. Seven of the top 10 universities are found in the United States (the other three in the United Kingdom »

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Harvard students spell

Harvard freshmen are quick in their bid for “glory.” So glory, glory was what drove hordes of Harvard students to Queen’s Head Pub in Cambridge last Thursday, where freshmen competed for the title of 2011 Spelling Bee Champion. “There is not very much on the line, besides glory, glory is on the line” said Rajiv »