Sep 24th, 2013
12:51 pm
September 24th, 2013 | Cross Campus
Forum: Yield Rate

Diana Rosen | Opinion Blogger We live in a culture that is obsessed with rankings. The rise of websites like Buzzfeed has shown us that we feel the need to rank everything from episodes of television shows to awkward high-fives. It stands to reason that we are equally obsessed with ranking institutions of higher education. As many times […]

Sep 10th, 2013
12:12 pm
September 10th, 2013 | Cross Campus
FORUM: Shopping Period

Diana Rosen | Staff Blogger I entered shopping period two weeks ago with absolutely no idea how to manage it. Fresh out of two semester of Directed Studies, “shopping” had only ever meant receiving a flood of emails from my peers demanding to switch sections and deciding between a couple of QRs when picking my […]

Sep 5th, 2013
3:57 pm
September 5th, 2013 | Cross Campus
FORUM: Salovey’s address

Diana Rosen | Staff Blogger Following a year filled with discussion of socioeconomic class on campus, President Salovey made a bold move in his freshman address — he admitted that talking about class makes Yale students uncomfortable. We enjoy talking openly over dinner about how accepting we are of students of different genders, sexualities and […]

Mar 4th, 2013
2:05 pm
March 4th, 2013 | Cross Campus
Forum: Yale Breaks

With our two-week respite from midterms and assignments fast approaching, our staff bloggers mull an important campus buzzword: breaks. Diana Rosen ’16 offers a new perspective on the philosophy behind spring breaks, while Scott Stern ’15 pushes us to rethink summer funding. Diana Rosen, Staff Blogger | Freshman in Pierson College It’s getting to that […]

Feb 12th, 2013
1:47 pm
February 12th, 2013 | Cross Campus
ROSEN: Thoughts on Yale-NUS

Yale’s decision to venture into Singapore with Yale-NUS hasn’t been received very well on campus, to say the least. Last April, the faculty passed a resolution demanding the upholding of nondiscrimination and civil liberties on the NUS campus as ideals of a true liberal arts education. Students spoke out against the college, on the pages […]

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