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ROSEN: For a more active YCC

Clearly the YCC needs to redeem itself. There are issues that Yale students care deeply about that the YCC can, and should, be addressing with more than just surveys.

ROSEN: Seeking a better job search

Either there aren’t enough jobs to go around right now, or there is some major bureaucratic problem in the way that job applications are being submitted to employers.

ROSEN: Fight for 15

On Aug. 1 I stood outside of a Walgreens in downtown Chicago chanting, “Come on out! We’ve got your back!” alongside 200 other people.

ROSEN: A goodbye to L-Dub

I hated L-Dub immediately.

ROSEN: A troubling announcement

We should find a way to ease our budget deficit without increasing the term-time job component for financial aid recipients, and we should include students in making those decisions.

ROSEN: Say no to charter schools

Not only are charter schools not a solution; they are a problem themselves.

ROSEN: Thoughts on Yale-NUS

Yale’s decision to venture into Singapore with Yale-NUS hasn’t been received very well on campus, to say the least. Last April, the faculty passed a […]

ROSEN: For more equitable financial aid

It’s time for Yale to stop putting financial aid recipients at a disadvantage every summer.

Forum: President Salovey

In this edition of the News’ Forum, students react to the announcement that Provost Peter Salovey will serve as the next University President. Nathaniel Zelinsky, […]

ROSEN: Obama, redeem our hope

On Nov. 4, 2008, I crowded into Grant Park alongside 240,000 other entranced Americans to watch the newly elected Barack Obama give his victory speech. […]

Students push for voter registration

With an exciting weekend of Partisan Pong behind them, Yale’s campus politicos have started looking forward. Many politically active Yalies have pushed for last-minute voter […]