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ROSEN: For better withdrawal policy

Strict regulations on withdrawal, although likely well-intentioned, may prevent students from taking time off when it is in their best interest to do so.

ROSEN: Student-athletes reconsidered

The right to unionize has long been awarded to their professional counterparts and, given the nature of the relationships between athletes and universities, student-athletes deserve a seat at the bargaining table as well.

ROSEN: Class on Tumblr

Recently the Peer Liaisons created a Tumblr called Class at Yale.

ROSEN: Don’t forget G-Heav

Given GHeav’s continued mistreatment of its employees, students should actively choose to boycott both locations until the business is operating within Connecticut labor regulations.

ROSEN: End the competition

A story runs in the News almost every year about Yale’s selective majors, especially Ethics, Politics & Economics (EP&E) and Global Affairs. On-campus publications often make […]

ROSEN: Quiz the achievement gap

If Yale wants to provide quality education for all its students, it must focus on tangible social science research that has been proven effective elsewhere.

ROSEN: Thanksgiving at Walmart

Walmart employees, and low-wage workers around the country, deserve to be paid a living wage.

ROSEN: Yale’s Black Bruins

Last week, Sy Stokes and 11 other black male students from UCLA uploaded a YouTube video of a spoken word poem called “The Black Bruins.” […]

ROSEN: A failed GOP project

Some amount of spin is to be expected of news coming from any political campaign, including Eidelson’s — but the Chandler campaign went much too far.

ROSEN: Reform Credit/D/Fail

But a problem with this policy has become evident — the deadline for conversion is far too early.

ROSEN: TFA fails minorities

I don’t think that students entering the program intend to create damage in minority communities — but with the recent media attention given to critics of TFA, these realities are becoming more and more difficult to ignore.