Homebuyer Program a success for Yale, city

September 27, 2002
The Yale Homebuyer Program — the crown jewel of Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs — enters its fifth phase this year, riding high after being successfully reviewed by the Yale Corporation and passing the 500-participant mark this summer. The widely lauded program, which contributes to 10 percent of all home purchases in »

Homeless, advocates return to rally on Green

September 23, 2002
Last night’s rally for the homeless, the second in two weeks, was much like the previous one, occurring in the same place and promoting the same message. Nearly two weeks after the city temporarily closed its overflow shelter and homeless advocates set up dozens of tents on the New Haven Green, protesters said last night »

YHHAP protesters remain on Green

September 19, 2002
One week after the city of New Haven closed its overflow shelter, a shadowy cluster of nearly 20 tents sits on the east side of the New Haven Green, each tent the makeshift roof over a homeless person’s head. Last night was the protesters’ eighth night there, and organizers said the sleep-out will continue for »

Dwight Hall decries arrests at hospital

September 17, 2002
Charging that the recent arrests of eight union workers and graduate students at Yale-New Haven Hospital were “attacks on freedom of speech,” the Dwight Hall cabinet Monday called on University President Richard Levin to condemn the arrests and ensure that none of the workers or students lose their jobs or are expelled. Hospital police arrested »

Homeless, advocates protest on city Green

September 12, 2002
Moments after students dispersed from Yale’s Sept. 11 vigil on Cross Campus, a gathering of a different sort — smaller and more motley, with sleeping bags strewn on the grass, banners and an American flag or two — began to convene on the New Haven Green. With the theme, “Solidarity S11 — Your Great Pain, »

City temporarily closes shelter, changes policies

September 10, 2002
The policies of New Haven’s homeless shelters — which one city official referred to as “crash pads” rather than centers for rehabilitation — are being re-examined as the city and its homeless approach the critical winter season. Beginning today, the city will close its overflow shelter for the next two months adopt a new length-of-stay »

Hill school on hold pending lawsuit

September 5, 2002
Three months ago, they were on the verge of watching the city demolish their homes to make room for a long-awaited school. Now, with a pro bono lawyer, a group of 41 plaintiffs from the blighted upper Hill neighborhood has sued the city for allegedly violating the U.S. Constitution, accusing New Haven of targeting their »

Dwight Hall names 5 to be management fellows

May 1, 2002
As part of an initiative to bolster fund raising and grant-writing while teaching students about nonprofit management, Dwight Hall recently launched its new Management Fellows program with the selection of five students as fellows. Modeled closely after Dwight Hall’s successful Public School Interns and Urban Fellows programs, the management fellows will work one-on-one with professors »

University retains outside firm to count ballots in Corporation race

May 1, 2002
The University has retained an outside company to count the ballots in the Yale Corporation election between the Rev. W. David Lee DIV ’93 and Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’86, marking yet another first for this year’s contentious election. In a letter sent to University Secretary Linda Lorimer yesterday, Dwight Hall’s leadership offered its services »

Income gap grew in Conn. during 1990s

April 24, 2002
The gap between Connecticut’s low-income and high-income families has widened in the past decade despite a contrary national trend, according to a report released yesterday by a state social advocacy group. The report, called “Pulling Apart in Connecticut: Analysis of Trends in Family Income,” found that Connecticut was one of only two states in which »

Business way off, CT Limo tries to keep hanging on

April 19, 2002
Seven months after the disaster that stripped it of much of its business, Connecticut Limo remains at an impasse. After weathering a 10-month-long drivers’ strike and laying off two-thirds of its employees, Connecticut Limo is still afloat — but barely — after experiencing a sharp downturn in passenger volume following the Sept. 11 attacks. “We’re »

Residents hire lawyer in school site fight

April 15, 2002
Three blocks west of the Yale School of Medicine campus in the upper Hill neighborhood, where abandoned lots are not uncommon, a peculiar brand of graffiti covers nearly every house on the street. The words are red, seemingly stenciled, and scrupulously sprayed onto the plywood covering the windows and doors of 10 houses on this »