Jia Lynn Yang
Society captivates culinary connoisseurs

Plate after plate of luscious chocolate ginger cakes and succulent salmon gravlax was seductively lined up along the bar. Glowing lemon creme tarts were an […]

Looney presents economic plan, attacks mayor

Setting the stage for a contentious mayoral race, Democratic state Sen. Martin Looney laid out a complete economic plan for the first time in his […]

Nursing home workers’ union stages strike

All they had were solidarity and a litany of grievances, but with a booming megaphone in tow, the striking nursing home workers stood their ground […]

Census shows no racial majority in city

New Haven has no racial majority for the first time ever, according to figures from the 2000 census. The city’s minorities now make up 64.4 […]

With barbecue, Looney kicks off mayoral campaign

In his quest to become mayor, Democratic state Sen. Martin Looney is promising deliverance for the city. And in a raucous church basement Sunday afternoon, […]

Interns start projects at local schools

When Joshua Griggs ’03 started volunteering at the Vincent Mauro Elementary School last fall, he hardly demanded the teachers roll out the red carpet for […]

State looks to amend gun control law

Congressmen pushing gun control legislation in Washington, D.C. may be locked in an ideological stalemate with no end in sight, but in Connecticut, lawmakers keep […]

Conn. senator pushes asthma relief act

Dashaun Burney said the violent wheezing that interrupts his dreams and threatens his life on some nights doesn’t scare him. Call it courage — or […]