Jia Lynn Yang
Residents hire lawyer in school site fight

Three blocks west of the Yale School of Medicine campus in the upper Hill neighborhood, where abandoned lots are not uncommon, a peculiar brand of […]

City aims to reform drug abuse treatment

A little over a year ago, Republican Gov. John Rowland departed from his party’s typically anti-drug rhetoric with the bold declaration that Connecticut needed a […]

Coalition uses pamphlet to teach addicts

In the pamphlet “Shoot Smart Shoot Safe,” a set of instructions guides crack users through every step necessary to safely inject cocaine: from step one, […]

YHHAP says city turns away homeless despite policy

New Haven has an unwritten rule — the “no-freeze policy” — that anyone, provided he or she is sober, is guaranteed shelter for the night. […]

Dwight Hall endorses no one in Corporation race

The Dwight Hall Cabinet voted unanimously last week in its monthly meeting to abstain from endorsing either of the two candidates vying for a seat […]

City pledges to go through with school

In a neighborhood spat turned cause celebre, a group of angry residents has been working for months to fend off a school construction project that […]

U.S. to reimburse Tweed over $18,000

With daily flights to Washington, D.C., still cut from its flight schedule, Tweed-New Haven Regional Airport remains in a lurch from a sharp downturn in […]

City’s test scores still far behind state mean

Once again, the 2002 results of the state’s most sweeping standardized test have illuminated the glaring socio-economic disparities in Connecticut’s education system. Statewide results on […]

Housing agencies assist in crisis

Sarah Caldwell could not stop returning to one point: she has never seen a low-income housing crisis of this magnitude before. Caldwell, the executive director […]

Activists ask for housing policy reform

HARTFORD — Emergency shelters in Connecticut have always been a last resort, the only escape for some from spending a night or two on the […]

Advocacy groups dispute cuts

In Connecticut, state law mandates a balanced budget — a tricky proposition in any year but one causing particular trouble now as the state grapples […]