Art aims to trick, thrill

February 24, 2010
Most art historians would agree that there is never just one correct perspective for looking at a piece of art. But New Haven will soon play host to an installation that is an exception to that rule. This coming June, the plaza outside New Haven’s Shubert Theater on College Street will feature a public installation, »

Exhibit showcases Saarinen

February 19, 2010
On the 100th year after his birth, and nearly 50 years after his death, Eero Saarinen ARC ’34 is coming back to life. Today, the School of Architecture and the Yale University Art Gallery will open the first ever retrospective exhibition of Saarinen’s work, titled “Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future.” The exhibition, which has traveled »

A newer, squarer Morse

February 18, 2010
When Morse College students move back into their rooms this coming fall, they will finally be able to fit their square IKEA side tables into the corners of their rooms: Morse College will have right angles. As renovations of the college continue, alterations have already become visible. There are new sinks in the bathrooms, new »

Professional posters add pizzazz

February 16, 2010
If a tree falls in a forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If an event has a bad poster, does anyone attend? It may seem like a funny question, but this is the philosophy that has inspired a 12-year design partnership between the Yale School of Architecture and the award-winning »

Saarinen gems stored in Yale archive

February 15, 2010
Starchitect Eero Saarinen’s ARC ’34 elegant models for the TWA Terminal of JFK Airport and the St. Louis Gateway Arch have already toured through Helsinki, Finland, St. Louis and New York. But the thousands of visitors to the retrospective “Eero Saarinen: Shaping the Future” so far have not seen the hand-drawn sketches of Morse and »

Public school art programs neglected

February 4, 2010
New Haven’s after-school arts programs need two things: money and attention, according to Shola Cole, the director of community programs at the Greater New Haven Arts Council. Cole and administrators of six city arts programs said programs for youth are finally beginning to find firm footing after severe budget cuts late last year. Though arts »
James Camera on Chapel Street, New Haven’s only photography shop, has been struggling to adapt to the diminished needs of today’s digital photographers.

Digital hurts camera shop

February 3, 2010
James Camera on Chapel Street — the only specialized photography shop in New Haven — has weathered the changing landscape of photography since the shop’s founding in 1949. But it may have finally met its match: the digital camera. As technology and the economy catch up with the more than half-century-old family business, the store’s »

AT&T opens on Chapel

January 28, 2010
A new phone is ringing at 936 Chapel St.: an AT&T store has opened for business. Wedged between Dunkin’ Donuts and Dynasty Jewelers across from the New Haven Green, the store opened early this month, replacing the Edge tattoo parlor, which shuttered two years ago. “I think an AT&T store is better than a tattoo »
The exhibit in Rudolph Hall showcases the couple’s 1968 Las Vegas studio, which was revolutionary for its artistic treatment of American commercialism.

Venturi, Scott Brown reflect on Vegas

January 26, 2010
The Yale School of Architecture was bubbling with activity this weekend as it hosted the “Architecture after Las Vegas” symposium. The event looked back on the 1968 Yale Las Vegas Studio, which revolutionized architectural thought by studying neon signs, roadside billboards, advertisements and other forms of communicative architecture that defined America’s landscape at the time. »

Yale librarians debut new journal

January 26, 2010
Yale’s libraries don’t just shelve volumes; they also publish their own. The first issue of the Yale Library Studies journal, a new annual publication put together by the University’s librarians, faculty, related experts and invited authors, was released this month. The journal replaces its biannual predecessor, The Yale University Library Gazette, which was in publication »

At Arch. School, what happened in Vegas still matters

January 25, 2010
In October 1968, when 13 students and three professors — Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour — from the Yale School of Architecture packed their bags to do research in Las Vegas, their peers were both shocked and amused. The idea of reviewing Sin City’s architecture was “unheard of” at the time, said »

Financial aid scarce for Architecture students

January 20, 2010
As the Yale School of Architecture begins to sift through prospective students’ applications, administrators said getting into the school might be tougher than ever. But those admitted will still have another great challenge ahead of them: paying the bills. Though the school has received more than 1,000 applications for the 65 seats it will offer »