Students passing through the Branford basement last night may have noticed a strange noise warbling through the corridors. The music, a mix of Feist and Katy Perry, was coming from a laptop locked inside the college’s buttery, along with the other contents of a student’s room — from the desk right down to towels and a bedspread.

“It’s part of a prank by the God Quad on a member of the God Quad,” explained a Branford buttery employee who asked not to be named. The prank is reportedly a retaliatory effort against a toilet-papering incident that sparked the inter-God Quad prank war.

When told the news, a Branford resident who also asked for anonymity said she felt relieved, especially since she was under the impression that “a weirdo” had made a permanent move to the cheese-scented parlor.

“At least it’s not like a real, permanent thing,” the resident continued.

Members of the God Quad could not be reached for comment.

(Photos by Charlie Croom/Photography Editor)