Something was a bit off with the chicken served in Penn’s dining halls Monday, according to a post on the campus’ Under the Button blog.

Nope — it wasn’t too spicy, too salty or too dry. It was more an issue of texture: A student diner found feathers still attached to the deep-fried breast she was about to consume yesterday.

“My friend got fried chicken wings at Hill tonight… Good thing she looked down and noticed that there were feathers on it before she took a bite,” Penn student Neil Patel said in an e-mail to Under the Button. “Yes five feathers sticking straight out of the damn wing!”

(Photo: Under the Button)

Patel added that when he and his friends brought the issue to the attention of the chef, the chef decided to eat part of the chicken to confirm that, indeed, the white wisps in the breast were the tattered feathers of a bird.

Perhaps it’s time Yale had another dining hall employees’ appreciation day?