Financial Aid

Launched in 2016, the YDN Foundation’s stipend program provides cash assistance to News staffers on significant financial aid so that the need to work a paying job during the school year is not a barrier to holding a time-consuming position at the News.

The stipends are designed to help fill what the Yale Financial Aid Office terms the “student share” — the difference between the total estimated cost of attendance and Yale’s financial aid package plus parents’ contributions. Described more fully on Yale’s financial aid website, the student share amounts to several thousand dollars a year. Many students satisfy it by working at a paying job on or off campus, limiting their time for other activities.

The stipend program provides awards of between $1,000 and $3,000 a year to qualifying News staffers, based on their financial need and commitment to the News. Applicants must be sophomores or juniors on significant financial aid, holding positions that require, on average, at least 10 hours per week of work for the News.

Applications are due shortly after the News elects its new managing board in September of each year. A committee of YDN Foundation members reviews the applications and divides the allocated funds — $53,000 for the 2021-22 academic year — among the qualified applicants. Because the number of applications varies from year to year, the Foundation cannot guarantee staffers a stipend or a specific amount in advance.

Since its inception, the program has provided support to 77 staffers, enabling them to devote more time to the News and helping the News serve the needs of its increasingly diverse staff.

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